Our Services

We develop, in partnership with our clients, actuarial & quantitative financial solutions,
building on strong data analytics, while securing full transparency
and integral knowledge transfer.


We offer consulting services in actuarial science & quantitative finance, including a.o. capital, portfolio, product, risk and liquidity management. We build our expertise on broad data analytics capacities.

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We develop solutions in partnership with our clients, i.e. we integrate our solutions in our client’s systems and processes and we secure full knowledge transfer (e.g. open source code).

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We share our knowledge with our clients. We offer a comprehensive learning platform, including on-site trainings, e-learning modules, e-classrooms and webinars.

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Latest news and publications

Standardization and Improvements of Data Analytics Projects

In this webinar, we identify practical difficulties in running relevant data analytics projects

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Digital training focus on Non-Life Pricing & Profitability analysis

The actuarial and data science toolkit
Fully online

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Digital Workshop Performance of insurance companies

Combination of 12 e-learning modules, 6 webinars and 3 case studies

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Application of Kernel Density Estimation in finance

We present how Kernel Density Estimators can be used for Value-At-Risk calculations, with a practical application Case Study...


Market pricing benchmarking - How ML can improve reverse engineering

This White Paper offers an insurance premium benchmark, which may aptly meet the needs of insurers and brokers...


Limitations of the Volatility Adjustment under Solvency II

This White Paper intends to highlight the limitations of the standardized measure, illustrate the impact these could have on the solvency...


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