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Reacfin is a risk, finance, actuarial and data science consulting firm
focused on creating measurable value & results for its clients.


Expert advice and support including : model deployments and calibration, documentation, testing, validation, maintenance, product development and life-cycle management.

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Tailor-made computational solutions including tools, models and algorithms designed and developed to be easily incorporated in your systems and processes.

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Online and on-site training programs designed for your company including e-learning modules, case studies, exercises, executive training, methodological and theoretical courses.

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Latest news and publications

Frédéric Vangheluwe joins Reacfin - Welcome on board!

Frédéric Vangheluwe joins Reacfin as Associated Partner & Senior Expert as of 1st of June

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Workshop focus on Non-Life Pricing & Profitability analysis

Next edition: 16 17 18th March in London. Program & registration are available

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Workshops Performance of insurance companies

Session 1: 19th & 20th March 2020 - SOLD OUT
Session 2: 23rd & 24th March 2020 - Brussels

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Application of Kernel Density Estimation in finance

We present how Kernel Density Estimators can be used for Value-At-Risk calculations, with a practical application Case Study...


Market pricing benchmarking - How ML can improve reverse engineering

This White Paper offers an insurance premium benchmark, which may aptly meet the needs of insurers and brokers...


Limitations of the Volatility Adjustment under Solvency II

This White Paper intends to highlight the limitations of the standardized measure, illustrate the impact these could have on the solvency...


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