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We develop sustainable actuarial, quantitative financial and AI for Finance solutions in partnership with our clients (from design and modeling to operationalization in their systems), building on strong data analytics while securing full transparency and integral knowledge transfer.


We offer consulting services in actuarial science & quantitative finance, including a.o. capital, portfolio, product, risk and liquidity management. We build our expertise on broad data analytics capacities.

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We develop solutions in partnership with our clients, i.e. we integrate our solutions in our client’s systems and processes and we secure full knowledge transfer (e.g. open source code).

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We share our knowledge with our clients. We offer a comprehensive learning platform, including on-site trainings, e-learning modules, e-classrooms and webinars.

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Latest news and publications

Reacfin is now a proud member of the TRAIL network

TRAIL (TRusted AI Labs) is at the forefront of advancing Trusted AI. We are excited to embark on this journey towards building trustworthy and responsible AI solutions.

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Reacfin joins BACA

By becoming a member of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, Reacfin commits to developing climate targets through SBTi.

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Presentation credit risk Vienna

How to assess credit risk models in a financially meaningful way ? Unlock the secrets to effective credit risk assessment and financial decision-making with our latest presentation on Credit Scoring Models: "Which Performance Metrics for Optimal Financial Decision-Making?" Contact our experts to delve into credit risk models !


Machine learning applications to non-life pricing and underwriting

This presentation discusses the rising use of machine learning, particularly tree-based models, in non-life insurance for tasks like pricing, underwriting, profitability, competition analysis, and portfolio management, while addressing discrimination and fairness in pricing.


Reacfin Publication : Cost of Explainability in AI: An Example with Credit Scoring Models

This paper examines the cost of explainability in machine learning models for credit scoring.

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Reacfin Presentation : An actuarial engineering perspective - why actuarial science and IT skills must converge

This presentation shows the benefits of technology-driven actuarial engineering for improving the decision-making process of insurance companies.


Reacfin Presentation: Evolution of mobility pricing

This presentation explores the growing topic of electric vehicle insurance.


Reacfin Presentation : How data science can improve the (motor) insurance business

This presentation addresses the challenges insurers face and the solutions data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques can provide.


Reacfin Presentation: Non-life reserving in time of high inflation

This presentation studies the macro-economic evolution and impact on insurance.


Reacfin Presentation : Explainable machine learning for actuaries

This presentation aims to remind some useful machine learning techniques, better understand the results and explain how to use these interpretation techniques to improve predictive models.


Reacfin Presentation : Cost of Explainability in AI - an Example with Credit Scoring Models

This paper examines the financial cost of explainability, comparing various machine learning models for credit scoring.


Reacfin Masterclass: Non-life pricing: The actuarial & data science toolkit

This masterclass focuses on Non-life pricing: The actuarial & data science toolkit.

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Reacfin Masterclass: Understanding the performance of an insurance company

This masterclass focuses on understanding the performance of an insurance company.

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Reacfin Expert Program: Life & Pension (Hyflex format)

The training program is composed of regular sessions to learn and discuss the most recent topics in Life Insurance and Pension.

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Digital Masterclass: Reinsurance in the Insurance Business

This masterclass focuses on understanding the roles of reinsurance in the insurance business.

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Digital Masterclass: Data Science for Insurance Managers

This masterclass focuses on understanding why, where and how data science affects the insurance business.

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Reacfin Publication: EIOPA climate risk stress test: wrap up, challenges and opportunities.

The EIOPA stress test will be a challenge for insurers in terms of data and modelling.


Machine Learning Interpretability: A toolbox to better understand your ML results

A Reacfin Research White Paper in Machine Learning with application in insurance pricing.


Reacfin Publication: 2022 ECB Stress Test

The 2022 ECB Stress test represents a challenge, but also an opportunity for the Belgian residential mortgages.


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