We are happy to organize a new session of our best seller training program dedicated to the analysis of the performance of insurance companies. More than 200 people have already enjoyed this training in 2020 during 2 public sessions and 5 internal sessions organized at some of our clients.

Digital training

This digital training program will focus on understanding the performance of an insurance company.

The aim of this masterclass is to:

  1. Present the functioning of an insurance company and the insurance and financial products it manages

  2. Explain how to read and understand the different elements of an insurance balance sheet and P&L

  3. Compute performance indicators used in different regulatory frameworks

  4. Understand the impact of pricing & portfolio management, risk mitigation (reinsurance) and ALM on the performance

Read some of our participant’s feedback from the last edition:

The overall picture and the bottom-up approach make complex things easy

The link between the P&L and B/S was valuable for me as well as the risk KPI's.

Thank you very much for this training and for the very good combination between e learning and live training.

They granted the training courses an average of:

Overall quality (4,2/5)
Our lecturers’ performance related to the relevance and content level (4,2/5)
E-learning’s relevance level (4,1/5)

In case you would like to organize this masterclass within your company feel free to contact us at learning@reacfinacademy.com.


Pierre Devolder

Chairman of Reacfin, professor at the University of Louvain (UCL) and IA|BE qualified actuary

Xavier Maréchal

CEO Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary

Adrien Lebègue

Head of Reacfin's Risk & Finance Center of Excellence, manager at Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary

Aurélie Miller

Head of Reacfin's Life, Health and Pension Center of Excellence, director at Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary

Samuel Mahy

Head of Reacfin’s Non-Life Center of Excellence, director at Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary