Data science comes from the recent merging of three active fields: computer science and data technology, mathematics and statistics and, finally, a business field, in our case, the insurance industry. This merging as well as progress of technology in terms of internet availability and capacity storage led to the formalization of data science. People’s interest in this topic increased for the last ten years and many data-driven business models emerged in the industry. Making the best use of the data available became more and more of a critical strategy for every company. Insurance firms also started to set up these kind of practices to improve their services and, more generally, to create value. We can summarize by saying that data science consists of collecting, decrypting and analyzing heterogeneous data for practical use cases.

This masterclass focuses on:

  1. Understanding why, where and how Data Science affects the insurance business. No coding here, but a large overview of Data Science applications in insurance.

  2. What can artificial intelligence be used for?

  3. What are the profiles I need to implement this in my business?

  4. How a data science project is best organized?

  5. Who are my partners for Data Science projects?

  6. And, finally, the more important question: how can I, as manager, challenge positively data science projects that may touch my team

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Jean Dessain

Associate Partner at Reacfin, Financial & strategic expert

Xavier Maréchal

CEO Reacfin, Expert in Non-Life and Health insurance

Michaël Lecuivre

Head of Reacfin’s Non-Life Center of Excellence, Manager at Reacfin, Expert in Non-Life and Health insurance

Julien Antunes Mendes

Manager in Reacfin's Life, Health and Pension Center of Excellence