For an insurance company, reinsurance is one of the tools used to mitigate the risks related to its activity. In reinsurance, the principle of pooling, which is intrinsic to the insurance business, takes on an additional dimension. Playing the role of insurer of companies, the reinsurer works in a global market and aims to help companies do their job better. Indeed, initially, insurance companies cede part of their risks in order to increase their underwriting capacity. Secondly, reinsurance contracts allow insurance companies to increase their solvency ratio without resorting to a call for capital. We will learn here the different technical aspects of reinsurance, the details of the treaties and their impacts on the balance sheet, the income statement and the solvency of the insurance company.

The aim of this training is to

  1. Understand the roles of reinsurance in the insurance business

  2. Get to know the reinsurance worldwide market and the actors on that field

  3. Learn about and describe the typical characteristics of reinsurance treaties

  4. Understand how reinsurance is handled in Solvency II and IFRS 17

  5. Illustrate the different concepts through numerical examples and case studies to make it practical and not just theoretical

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Aurélie Miller

Head of Reacfin's Life, Health and Pension Center of Excellence, director at Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary

Michaël Lecuivre

Head of Reacfin’s Non-Life Center of Excellence, manager at Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary

Xavier Maréchal

CEO Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary