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2022 - White Papers
A toolbox to better understand your ML results – With application in insurance pricing
2021 - White Papers
A step-by-step guide for financial institutions, illustrated with a lapse modeling case study.
2020 - White Papers
A Reacfin White Paper in Quantitative Finance.

How machine learning can improve reverse engineering.
2019 - White Papers
A Reacfin White Paper on Quantitative Finance

A Reacfin White Paper on Solvency II

New Scientific Paper: Minimum Protection in DC Funding Pension Plans and Margrabe Options
2018 - White Papers
A Reacfin White Paper on Solvency II

Practical examples of transformation projects driven by AI and Data Science

Management decisions tools for European Financial Institutions

CASE STUDY #1: Preparing a financial diagnostic for a typical household
2017 - White Papers
How Machine learning and statistical predictive models can help!

Frequency modelling: An educational case study, Machine Learning applications to non-life pricing

An analysis of Belgian prospective mortality using Reacfin's tools

A Unified Approach for the Modeling of Rating Factors in Workers’ Compensation Insuranc

2016 - White Papers
Introduction to Machine Learning techniques used in the financial industry and a practical case study

Lapse rate models in life insurance and a practical method to foresee Interest Rates dependencies

Adverse selection in lifetables models, Methods & applications
2015 - White Papers
Assessing the economic value of the Belgian Employee Benefits insurances

Modeling negative interest rates with Free Boundaries SABR Approaches

Savings deposits play a major role in today’s economy
2014 - White Papers
Approach to Determine the Duration of Non-Maturing Liabilities

Deferred taxes arise because there are differences between the value ascribed to an asset ...
2013 - White Papers
An introduction to time‐dependent mortality models