Our Company

Actuarial, Quantitative Financial and AI for Finance Solutions – Actuarial Engineering

Reacfin was founded in 2004 and we have 20+ years of experience. We are a spin-off of the UCLouvain School of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Science.

Our team consists of 30+ specialized consultants (mostly actuaries and quants, several of PhD level).
    • 2004
      Foundation of Reacfin
      Reacfin’s first client
    • 2008
      Hiring first employees


    • 2010
      Moving to Place de l’Université in Louvain-la-Neuve
    • 2012
      Merger with AF
      – Widehorn
      Foundation of Centers of Excellence
    • 2018
      Launch of Reacfin Academy
      Office renovation
    • 2023
      Creation of the Actuarial Engineering Center of Excellence
    • 2024
      Reacfin celebrates its 20th anniversary

Our mission

We develop sustainable actuarial, quantitative financial and AI for Finance solutions in partnership with our clients (from design and modeling to operationalization in their systems), building on strong data analytics while securing full transparency and integral knowledge transfer.

Reacfin is the reliable bridge between academic excellence and market best practices.

Our clients

Our clients include Insurers, Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Financial Market Infrastructures and Regulators.

How we work

When serving our clients, we leverage on:
  • A unique team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals. We combine the pragmatism of expert senior professionals with the enthusiasm of best-in-class young talents.
  • A unique set of proprietary tools and innovative techniques designed for best reliability in real-world conditions
  • Our corporate culture which encourages excellence and the development of cross specialties skills

Our values

To deliver more than is expected from us, we attract the best people and develop their skills to the most cutting-hedging techniques supported by a robust and rigorous knowledge management framework.

We produce for our clients tangible long-term sustainable value. We help our clients not only to reach the top, we help them reaching the stable top with a clear view going forward.

Leveraging on our profound academic roots, we are dedicated on creating inventive solutions by combining our extensive professional experience with the latest scientific research.

We never compromise on the quality of our work, the respect of deadlines & budgets and our other commitments. We don’t produce reports, we deliver results!

We put work ethics, client's best interest and confidentiality as the foundation of our work. We are fully independent and dedicated at telling the truth.


Reacfin is now a member of the BACA community. BACA is a collaborative platform in Belgium addressing climate change challenges. It accelerates the transition to a low-carbon society by fostering cooperation, sharing knowledge, and implementing sustainable solutions. BACA engages diverse stakeholders in collective action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development for a resilient future.standards. This is a recognition of the high quality of the work delivered every day by our consultants to our clients.

In March 2024, Reacfin joined TRAIL (Trusted AI Labs), an interdisciplinary research network focused on trusted AI development. TRAIL promotes advancements in AI with a focus on reliability, security, and transparency. It enables collaboration among academic, industrial, and governmental stakeholders to address critical challenges in responsible AI use, while also facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering innovation.