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Who we are

We offer consulting services in actuarial science & quantitative finance and want to share our knowledge with our clients. We also rely on our expert panel to develop the best continuous professional education in our areas of expertise.

What we offer

Our catalogue covers many topics in Insurance, Banking, Risk & Finance and Data Analytics. Self-learning as well as Guided training are available, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your needs and organization.

Why choose us

Reacfin Academy has years of experience in education, a great curiosity for new technologies, and the ability to be very fast at responding to a specific training request. Our staff is highly trained and thrilled about sharing its knowledge with you.

Our fields of expertise


  • Insurance for all : General, Life, Non-life, Health, ALM, Solvency 2, IFRS 17…
  • Quantitative insurance : Pricing, Reserving, Modelling, Risk Management…

Banking & Asset management

  • Finance & Balance sheet management : ALM & Treasury, Credit portfolio management, Capital management
  • Risk management : Interest rate risk, Liquidity risk
  • Business Lines : retail, corporate, trading and investment, asset management

Data Analytics

  • Statistics : exploratory data analysis, Monte Carlo methods, Bootstrapping, mathematical optimization…
  • Data culture : Data preparation, Machine Learning (Supervised/ Unsupervised), Data security…
  • Digital awareness

Risk & Finance

  • Quantitative Risk & Finance : Financial mathematics, Risk, Modelling, Stochastic simulation…
  • ALM : Financial products, Immunization, Balance sheet projection, asset allocation…

Our Offer


E-learning modules (dynamic presentation)
Training paths
Notebooks (interactive web pages)

Guided training

Classical training courses (masterclasses)
Available on-site
Available online

Our Commitments

to better adapt to a changing world

for more flexibility

for the best education

Our Upcoming trainings

Pricing and provisioning in Health Insurance: A Reacfin Digital Masterclass

May - June IA|BE CPD

Fully online: 3 E-learning modules and 7 Webinars

More info here

Non-Life pricing and profitability analysis: The actuarial & data science toolkit

March - Apr - May IA|BE CPD

Fully online: 13 E-learning modules and 8 Webinars

More info here

Understanding the performance of an insurance company: an introduction

March - Apr - May IA|BE CPD

Fully online: 15 E-learning modules and 6 Webinars

More info here

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Who we train

Collaboration between you and Reacfin Academy

Your Staff

Your management and Boards Members

Your sales force (agents, brokers and external distribution chanels)
Your clients (professional or retail)

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