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In this unprecedented environment, how can Reacfin help you?

At Reacfin we take our role supporting you and your business very seriously.
In the coming days and weeks, many employees will be working remotely to help contain and mitigate the spread of the virus. At Reacfin we see this period as an opportunity to upgrade your skills.

In order to help you, Reacfin has opened up a number of e-Learning courses. They are now available for free.
In this webpage, you can find a view of the e-learning modules we have made available to you. Others will be added in the following days. Stay tuned!

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Data Culture Training Program (developed with Allianz Benelux):

Data Culture - Introduction Data (20 min)
This module introduces the functioning of an insurance company which goal is to transform a situation of uncertainty into a situation of near certainty. It helps to understand why mutualisation and diversification are key to its functioning and which risks are created by the insurance business. We also introduce the importance of data all along the insurance value chain.
Learning goals
  • Explain the inversion of production cycle of an insurance company
  • Present the 3 main principles of functioning of an insurance company: mutualisation, diversification and time value of money
  • Provide examples of use of data all along the insurance value chain
  • Functioning of an insurance company
  • Insurance value chain
  • Structure of the training
Data Culture - Main principles about Data (45 min)
In this module we briefly present what is data science and its origins. Then we describe different applications and interest within industries focusing on the insurance area. We introduce the current dynamic ecosystem of data science communities focusing on actors but also on tools,typical events and careers. Finally some limits and risks will be highlighted.
Learning goals
  • Paint the scene of the current data science ecosystem
  • Understand origins and why data science is such a crucial topic today in insurance
  • Have a global overview on main elements of the ecosystem and understand interactions
  • Keep in mind limits
  • What is data science
  • Awareness of different industries
  • A large connected ecosystem
  • Behind the scene: limits to keep in mind

Basics of an insurance company (online training program):

Introduction to actuarial science and finance:

Patchwork of modules (15 min – FR or NL)
This patchwork module gathers several extracts from a deeper online training program. It gives you an introduction to the concept of uncertainty in insurance, the classification on non-life insurance contracts, some focus on life and non-life contracts, the balance sheet of an insurance company and the quota-share (proportional) reinsurance contract.
Learning goals
  • High level presentation of key concepts in insurance
  • Concept of uncertainty in insurance
  • Classification on non-life insurance contracts
  • Focus on life and non-life contracts
  • Balance sheet of an insurance company
  • The quota-share (proportional) reinsurance contract

Introduction to financial mathematics (25 min – FR)
This module presents the basics of the financial mathematics: simple and compound interest rate, capitalization and discounting. It is then applied to a sequence of cash-flows (financial annuity) to compute the discounted or capitalized value.

Learning goals
  • Introduce to the basic concepts of financial mathematics
  • Understand the mathematical formulas and how to use them
  • Simple and compound interest rate
  • Capitalization and discounting
  • Financial annuity

Interested in knowing more about the Basics in Insurance training program?

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Content of the Data Culture Training Program

Interested in knowing more about the Data Culture training program?

Don't hesitate to contact us on for more information.