As Insurance is being impacted by new and disruptive technology, how will actuarial reserving techniques be impacted? Whilst triangle methods have traditionally been seen as the key methods in the reserving area, this may be challenged in the future by more complex expectations, improving technology, modelling capabilities, etc.

Reserving practices are expected to keep changing, as the influences of big data and regulatory requirements continue to evolve.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  1. Present basic and more advanced actuarial/statistical techniques used in non-life reserving.

  2. Focus on some practical problems faced by reserving actuaries, by presenting practical examples and running case studies with R with the participants.

  3. Introduce more advanced techniques used in non-life reserving in order to open new perspectives on more granular reserving calculation, case estimates, etc.

In case you would like to organize this webinar within your company feel free to contact us at learning@reacfinacademy.com.


Katrien Antonio

Professor in insurance data science at KU Leuven and associate professor at University of Amsterdam

Samuel Mahy

Head of Reacfin’s Non-Life Center of Excellence and director at Reacfin, and IA|BE qualified actuary

Julie Zians

Manager and IA|BE qualified actuary

Xavier Maréchal

CEO of Reacfin and IA|BE qualified actuary