Reacfin Launches a Credit Risk Practice to Better Serve Clients

Reacfin is proud to announce the launch of its new Credit Risk Practice, building upon the experience and expertise accumulated at Reacfin in the credit risk modelling space.

Leveraging advanced AI techniques (including explainable AI), the Credit Risk Practice will work on the development and validation of credit risk models, on data management aspects, etc.

The purpose of the new practice is to further improve our services and better help our clients understand and manage their risks.

Recognizing the growing importance of ESG risks for credit risk management, the Credit Risk Practice will work closely with Reacfin's well-established Climate Risk Practice. The combination of these two practices will provide a holistic approach to risk management, allowing our clients to better assess and manage their exposure to ESG risks.

At Reacfin, we are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients, and we believe that our expertise in credit risk management will help our clients make more informed decisions and better manage their risks.

For any inquiry about our new Credit Risk Practice, please contact us at

And stay tuned for our next event: a “survey on AI for credit risk”.