Life, Health and Pension

The Center of Excellence Life, Health and Pension offers cutting edge expertise in methods, tools and models for life and health companies, combined with a deep knowledge of market best practices, acquired via our various assignments and surveys. Aside from our assignments, we also propose advanced trainings.


  • Development of cutting edge Assets & Liabilities Models for life insurance (in Prophet, SAS, C++, VBA,…), including advanced modeling of management actions and customer behavior. Architecture and run-time enhancement.
  • Expertize in various valuation frameworks (Solvency 2, IFRS, MCEV …) and in the computation and optimization of capital requirements (Solvency 2, ICA).
  • Extensive knowledge of pricing and reserving methods for life and health insurance.
  • Advanced validation framework for the technical provisions (Solvency 1 and 2). Actuarial function for various companies.
  • Knowledge of management dashboards and key performance indicators for life and health companies
  • Development of user-friendly tools and solutions for an advanced modeling of customer behavior (prospective mortality, adverse selection in mortality) – see OnlineApp section