Professor Pierre Devolder

Chairman of the Board

Pierre Devolder holds an MSc. and PhD in Mathematics, as well as an MSc. in Actuarial Sciences, all obtained Summa Cum Laude. Besides being an active member of the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE) and a member of the Insurance Commission, he is also a professor at the University of Louvain (UCL) and president of the actuarial consulting company Reacfin s.a. (Louvain, Belgium).
His activities and research are focused on quantitative finance and pension theory, which he teaches at the Universities of Louvain (UCL), Strasbourg and Rabat. He has published various books in the actuarial field and is the author of many highly awarded articles by the leading actuarial society.
In the past, Pierre worked for AXA Belgium, where he was a board member. He was also an expert appointed by the Belgian Minister of the Self-employed, SMEs and Agriculture and had a key role in the reform of the Belgian pension. Pierre has also carried out scientific studies for GDF/Suez about pricing electricity derivatives.